10 Reasons Why Being Single In Your 30s Is Awesome


It’s that season again, the time of year when your Facebook feed gets clogged with close-ups of diamond rings in lo-fi and the unnecessary but obligatory “I said yes!” status update. While we’re overcome with joy that our friends have found “the one,” that doesn’t mean we’re all ready to settle down into the marriage rut. So if you start to doubt your decision to keep your 30s all to yourself, just read the reasons below and know that you’re not alone. Well, actually you are, but that’s kinda the point.

1. Thirties are the new twenties. While this saying is as cliché as a diamond ring, it does hold some truth. People are living longer, maturing more slowly, and letting go of the old notions of aging, so enjoy your thirties and wait to be unhappy when you hit forty.

2. You can spend your money however you want. If you want to drop a grand on a new handbag, or buy that old, completely impractical sports car, you can!

3. Traveling solo is a beautiful experience. You can have that exotic fling you always wanted, or do nothing but sit in a Parisian café for hours on end.

4. You can move at the drop of a hat. If an amazing job opportunity opens up halfway around the world, you can jump on it without feeling guilty about leaving someone behind or having to choose between a partner and an awesome career.

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5. The older you get, the better sex gets. And the longer you’re single and able to experiment, the more likely you are to really figure out what you want.

6. You don’t get stuck with annoying friends that you didn’t choose. By the time you get to your 30s, you’ve probably trimmed down your friend list to just the best, so why force yourself to hang out with people you didn’t choose?

7. If you want to go out on a Tuesday night, you don’t have to answer to anyone but your hangover.

8. Dating is a numbers game. The more time you spend dating, the more likely you are to find your best match. And by the time you hit your mid 30s, you’re more sure of yourself and more confident in what you’re looking for in a partner.

9. Holidays are all yours. When you’re single in your 30s, you don’t have to split time between your family and in-laws. And if you want to skip out on Festivus and go to the islands for a week, you only piss off one set of parents.

10. Netflix is all yours. ALL YOURS! If you want to gorge on Gossip Girl or mindless Jason Statham action movies, you don’t have to barter or beg; you just click on that goofy smiley face and enjoy.



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